The ISSN international network


The ISSN international network currently comprises over 60 national centres and 1 regional centre (Southeast Asian ISSN Regional Centre, Bangkok). Each year new national centres begin to operate in different parts of the world. Their continuously updated list of addresses can be found at: 

The national centres are responsible for the ISSN identification of serials published in their own countries and for keeping a record of them in accordance with the rules of the international system.

The ISSN International Centre co-ordinating the network is based in Paris. This centre is in charge of ISSN assignment for the publications of international organizations and of countries with no national centre, and of keeping a record of these publications.

The aim of the network is to keep an international computer record of serial publications appearing throughout the world in all fields of learning. The members of this organization are responsible for ISSN assignment, registration and control of its use, as well as for creation and maintenance of the Register containing serial publications appearing in the world.