ISSN register


On the basis of the international database it handles, the ISSN International Centre in Paris publishes the ISSN Register which is the authentic record of all ISSN identification numbers assigned throughout the world. The ISSN Register contains all reports processed, maintained and forwarded by the ISSN network, providing information on the most essential biographic data required for the identification and description of serial publications.

The close to 870,000 records give information on serial publications issued in 180 countries in 144 languages. Around 40,000 new items are added to the international database each year, and around 60,000 descriptions are updated.

The ISSN Register is currently published on three media: on magnetic tape, on CD-ROM under the title ISSN Compact (since 1992) and since August 1998 on the Internet as ISSN Online. (Earlier, up to 1996, it was also published on microfiches.)

Further information on ISSN Compact and ISSN Online can be found on the ISSN International Centre's homepage: