Music Collection

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  • Research in the reading rooms of the special collections is only available to our readers by prior reservation. Please make your reservation at least 24 hours in advance of your visit, if possible. If you are unable to come despite your reservation, please let us know so that we can make the space available to someone else.
  • To reserve a place in the reading room of the Theatre History and Music Collection (10 reading seats + 1 seat for working exclusively with card catalogues in the catalogue area), please send an e-mail or;
  • Requests and reservations from readers of the Historical Photo and Video Collection (4 reader seats) are welcome at or until 12 am the day before their planned visit. On arrival, colleagues in the general reading room will help you to enter the research room (Chapel Hall).
  • We respond to all booking requests, but we can only process out-of-hours emails on the next opening day, so we kindly ask for your patience and understanding. Please include your telephone number in your e-mail enquiry, if possible, so that our staff can contact you more easily if necessary.
  • Use of shared computers is not possible due to epidemiological regulations.
  • We also accept requests for document preparation at the above e-mail addresses – until 12 am on the day before your planned visit.
  • Compared to previous rules, the number of documents requested at the same time is limited; please always consult the member of staff at the Reading Service.
  • information on music collection documents in the of the Theatre History and Music Library and other information, call (+36-1) 224 3778,
  • Documents in the special collections can still only be searched with a Reader Pass valid for at least six months, while the Day Pass only entitles you to use the catalogues and open shelves.
  • Library registration is open from Tuesday to Friday until 16.30. Monthly, half-year and annual readers do not have to return their plastic bags when they leave, these will be replaced when they are worn out.
  • We will continue to reserve books from the repositories, but in order to minimise physical contact, there will be no exchange of books between readers.
  • Books and documents pre-ordered from the special collections or used in the reading room from the open shelves will be quarantined for 72 hours, during which time we will not be able to distribute them for the protection of our readers.
  • Books removed from the open shelf after use should be placed in the designated area to ensure their separation.
  • In the interests of increased security, we are temporarily suspending the use of the Readers' Professional Workstations and all other devices, so please bring your own electronic device (laptop, tablet) if possible. Wifi is available to our readers in the public areas of the library.
  • In order to minimise physical contact, requests for document copying can be fulfilled in-house with a time limit depending on the quantity of the request, and sent electronically or by post. Payment of the service fee can be made by bank transfer or cash on delivery. Please contact the repository staff to discuss the deadlines for document copying requests.

NSZL’s staff will gladly give you information via phone or by e-mail. You can send your questions to e-mail address or, during the opening hours of the Music Archive, you can call us at the following numbers: +361 224 3778, +361 224 3367.