Carnival concert

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During performanceNational Széchényi Library’s Choir and several contributing artists took part in the Carnival Concert of NSZL in the Ceremonial Hall of the Library on February 14, 2015.

“The choir was established in autumn 1970, with the participation of members of Library staff and friends. In the beginning, it was just a chamber choir including 16 members but later on, it has developed into a mixed choir with 35-40 members. Apart from current and one-time staff members of NSZL, representatives of several other disciplines can also be found among members of the choir, for instance, teachers, experts working in technical and economic fields or IT experts, who share their love of music, the joy of singing and just being together. Different age groups, including people whose age ranges between 20s to 60s and even 70s, are on very good terms with one another.”