Hymnus in Szécsény

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Lecture about Hymnus in Ferenc Kubinyi MuseumSzécsény was looking forward to the period elapsing between January 23 and 25, 2015. On the occasion of the Day of Hungarian Culture, the manuscript of Hymnus (Anthem) by Hungarian poet Ferenc Kölcsey arrived in Ferenc Kubinyi Museum. The event was organized by Gyula Krúdy Municipal Cultural Center and Library.

Since 1944, when the poet’s family placed the document in Hungary’s national library, this has been the first occasion that the keeping institution said yes to a query and lent the only existing manuscript of the poem to a rural location. Management of National Széchényi Library decided to lend this unique relic, even if just for a weekend, since they found it important that people living far away from capital Budapest could have a look at the original manuscript of the Hungarian Anthem. Especially important is the fact that local visitors could have a look at the famous manuscript in their own library, on the Day of Hungarian Culture.

On the eve of January 23, 2015, Ferenc Földesi, Head of NSZL’s Manuscripts Archive held a lecture in front of 100 people on Kölcsey’s way, which had led him to writing Hymnus, and also on the poem itself. Ferenc Földesi’s lecture was delivered in the Ceremonial Hall of Ferenc Kubinyi Museum and was recorded by local TV. After the broadcast, the recording will be shared on YouTube, too.

The exhibition was visited by students from nearby schools, participants of the 24th International Declamatory and Folk Song Singing Competition as well as by a lot of people from Szécsény and its surroundings.

Lecture about Hymnus in Ferenc Kubinyi Museum

First statistics show that the event was successful. Nearly six-hundred people visited the museum during that weekend. Municipal management and the organizers have done a great job, paying special attention to the security of this unique work of art. In addition to the staff of Ferenc Kubinyi Museum, Municipal Police Station and local Militia helped to provide a high level of security for the venue.

Management of National Széchényi Library considers lending the national relic to yet another rural location far away from Budapest, on the occasion of the Day of Hungarian Culture in 2016.