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NSZL as a Book Publisher has been present on the Hungarian book market with its prestigious publications for years now. The Library publishes 26 to 30 publications annually, based on its unique collection and on the special knowledge of its staff members. On its own or jointly with renowned Hungarian and international publishing houses, NSZL publishes a wide range of books including facsimile editions, decorative albums, conference and study volumes, gap-filling bibliographies and exhibition catalogs. The primary aim of Library publications is to publish results of scientific research carried out by staff members, and our publishing activities are also due to nation-wide tasks, unique bibliographical and special library activities, as well as rich museum activities. Our tasks related to book and cultural history, special library tasks and hungarica research also occasionally require facsimile editions of the unmatched treasures owned by National Széchényi Library. At the same time, the Hungarian national library publishes several periodicals and institutional yearbooks.

László Boka
Director of Research and Academic Affairs, Head of Publications

Recent publications of National Széchényi Library:

1. Hatalmi diskurzusok. A hatalom reprezentációi a tudományokban és a művészetekben (Power Discourses – Representations of Power in Sciences and Arts)
Edited by Beatrix Visy, Csilla Bíró, Budapest, NSZL–Gondolat Publishing House, 2016. [Bibliotheca Scientiae et Artis 8., Series Editor. László Boka], 340 pagesISBN 978 963 200 655 0
Price: HUF 3,900

2. Collectors and Collections. The Treasures of the Collections in the National Széchényi Library. Edited by László Boka, Lídia Wendelin Ferenczy, Budapest, NSZL–Kossuth Publishing House, 2016, 252 pages
ISBN 978 963 200 656 7
Price: HUF 7,500

Our English-language decorative album entitled Collectors and Collections. The Treasures of the Collections in the National Széchényi Library presents the major collections kept in National Széchényi Library, including, among others, the Kossuth Library, the Library of Hungarian Women, collections of Count Sándor Apponyi and Gyula Todoreszku, the bequest of Ernő Dohnányi, etc. This representative volume was first published in Hungarian in 2009, in cooperation between NSZL and Kossuth Publishing House. However, so far we could not come out with an English-language version for those interested in the Library across the world. The book offers rich and useful content on the collections of the Hungarian national library, as well as on their history, guiding readers through various periods of the history of Hungarian culture. The decorative album is also ideal for representation purposes.

See a recent article in international press reporting on the book.

3. Edina Zvara: Egy tudós hazafi Bécsben. Görög Demeter és könyvtára (A Scientist Patriot in Vienna. Demeter Görög and his Library)
Budapest, OSZK–Gondolat Publishing House, 2016. [Nemzeti Téka (Bibliotheca Nationalis Hungariae), Series Editors: László Boka, Ferenc Kégli], 510 pages
ISBN 978 963 200 657 4
Price: HUF 3,500

4. „Nekünk mégis Mohács kell…” II. Lajos király rejtélyes halála és különböző temetései (“We Still Need Mohács…” The Mysterious Death and Various Burials of King Louis II)
Edited by Farkas Gábor Farkas, Zsolt Szebelédi and Bernadett Varga,  Budapest, NSZL-Research Centre for the Humanities of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2016, 336 pages
ISBN 978 963 200 654 3
Price: HUF 3,800

5. A Budapesti Újságírók Egyesülete Almanachja 1909.
(Almanac of Budapest Journalists Association 1909)
Facsimile edition; accompanying studies written by László Boka and Zoltán Szénási, NSZL-Argumentum, Budapest, 2016
ISSN 0201-2510
Price: HUF 4,900

6. Kuncz Aladár: Felleg a város felett – regény (Cloud over the City. Novel)
Accompanying study is written by, notes are compiled and text is edited by Andrea Juhász. Budapest–Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), NSZL–Kriterion, 2016. [Collected Works of Aladár Kuncz, Vol. 3, Series Editors: László Boka, Tamás Gusztáv Filep]
Price: HUF 2,990

7. Bestiarium Zircense. Facsimile from Manuscript Cod. Lat. 506 owned by National Széchényi Library, with a preface by Anna Boreczky, Budapest, NSZL, 2016
ISBN 978 963 200 658 1
Price: HUF 2,900

8. Irodalmi magazin 2015/3. Kölcsey Ferenc
(Literary Magazine 2015/3. Ferenc Kölcsey)
A thematic quarterly published by Magyar Napló and National Széchényi Library; Editor-in-Chief: Zoltán Jánosi.

Irodalmi magazin 2015/4. Tamási Áron (Literary Magazine 2015/4. Áron Tamási)
A quarterly published by Magyar Napló and National Széchényi Library; Editor-in-Chief: Zoltán Jánosi.

The above publications are available in the Bookshop of NSZL, or they can be ordered from the Office of New Publications of NSZL at the following contact: Tímea Budai-Király, Office of New Publications of the Directorate of Research and Academic Affairs, National Széchényi Library; Buda Royal Palace, Wing “F”; H-1827 Budapest; Tel.: + 361 224 3878, Fax: + 361 202 0804, e-mail.