Turkish book donation to the NSZL

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On 3 November 2021, the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism cerelmoniously presented the National Library with a donation of books. The presentation ceremony follows the donation of 200 books by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism to the ‘Turkish Corner’ of the NSZL in autumn 2019. The ‘Turkish Corner’ was created in 2017 as part of a larger, more comprehensive idea to bring together in one place the documents donated to the National Széchényi Library by various international delegations and to make the volumes of the international literature section, which is thus enriched, available to readers from open shelves.

The ceremonial handover of the 2019 donation could only take place now, on 3 November 2021, in the presence of Ambassador Ahmet Akif Oktay and Director General Dávid Rózsa, due to the ongoing renovation works in the NSZL and the pandemic situation. The gift books on literature and history are in Turkish, Hungarian and English; these were transported from Turkey to Hungary by Turkish Airlines. 

The event was attended on behalf of the Embassy of Turkey by Ahmet Akif Oktay, Ambassador, Erdinç Tunçbilek, embassy staff member, Akın Çarkçı Turkish Airlines Hungarian Office, director, Mehmet Yıldız Anadolu Agency, and Mehmet Başaran Ihlas Agency and on behalf of the National Széchényi Library by Rózsa Dávid, Director General, Gerencsér Judit, Deputy Director General, Kecskeméti Gergely, Information and Content Services Division, head of division, Lőrincz Katalin, Director General’s Cabinet, head of cabinet, and Konrád Eszter, international coordinator.