Ukrainian–Hungarian storybook launch in our library

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On 9 February 2023, we presented the storybook Kisautók. A piros és kék autó kalandjai [Small Cars. The Adventures of the Red and the Blue Cars] by Maryna Snitko.
The main characters of this Ukrainian-Hungarian children’s book are the author’s sons, who tell stories to each other at bedtime. The storybook can also be seen as a collection of family stories in which children can recognize and envision themselves. Maryna Snitko’s book is addressed not only to children aged 2–12 but also to those who are interested in the Hungarian and Ukrainian languages or who would like to approach Ukrainian culture. 

At the event, the author of the book, Maryna Snitko, and her translator Svitlana Perets, read from the stories in Ukrainian and Hungarian, which followed an author’s book signing. To mark the carnival season, participants dressed up in costumes and masks; they answered riddles, recited tongue twisters and designed their own illustrations for the book. 
After the book presentation, everyone could get acquainted with the National Széchényi Library and the Ukrainian collection of the National Library of Foreign Literature. The afternoon was organised by the House of Ukrainian Traditions, the Ukrainian National Local Government of Érd and the National Széchényi Library.

Te event in pictures