Virtual exhibition about Hilda Gobbi

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National Széchényi Library is proud to present a new content service on the Day of the Hungarian Drama, a virtual version of its chamber exhibition which was entitled Glimpse into the Secret File and was made, with the instruction of Dr. Edit Rajnai, to commemorate the 100th anniversary (2013) of Hilda Gobbi’s birth.

In the year following Hilda Gobbi’s (1913–1988) death, the document heritage of the actress came into the possession of NSZL’s Theater Collection. Hilda Gobbi’s albums are especially exciting memorabilia of the famous Hungarian actress’ life, albums which preserved collected images of her professional and public career, prints of critical and personal reverberations, and albums which report on her travels. Additional image and motion picture memorabilia tell us about Hilda Gobbi’s outstanding performance as an actress and also about her public activities regarded by many as a role model.

Digitized documents, data and related annotations provide virtual visitors with a glimpse not only into the actress’ life but also give an overall view of an entire period in the history of the Hungarian theater and society in general.

The virtual exhibition has been created with the joint efforts of NSZL’s Theater History Collection and the Department of Web Content and Coordination.

The title of the new website is