CIVIC Epistemologies – Civil participation in the exploration and research of digital cultural heritage

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Starting date and duration of the project: between August 1, 2014 and November 30, 2015

The main goal of the project is to make a guide – Roadmap – to the use of e-infrastructures, in such a way which supports the involvement of the European civil sphere and citizens across Europe in the research and processing of digital cultural heritage and the humanities. On top of that, the project focuses on the use of open-access materials and programs (open data, open source and open innovation).

CIVIC project aims at, among others, doing research in the field of public collections serving as cultural heritage institutions, surveying the needs and possibilities, and providing help as to what kind of software to use, on which online surface and for what purpose (e.g. assigning keywords to photographs or fixing flaws in word processors) to involve outside volunteers, people from the civil sphere to explore so far hidden treasures.

In Hungary, the project presents and publicizes various successful and operating examples of crowdsourcing procedures.

A major task of National Széchényi Library is to look for possibilities in cultural heritage institutions, in the framework of which a large number of citizens can be activated and motivated online, and via which it is also possible to quality control mass-produced, collected data.

Official website of the initiative: CIVIC Epistomologies