Book Collection of Count Ferenc Széchényi

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At the time of the foundation of the Hungarian national library, Ferenc Széchényi’s collection included approximately 13,000 printed books, over 1,200 manuscripts, hundreds of maps, crest images, woodcuts and coins.

The library of NSZL’s founder has been treated especially carefully. The most valuable, beautiful and restored items of the Book Collection of Count Ferenc Széchényi were put into a huge bookcase placed on the main corridor of Floor 5 in 2002, when NSZL celebrated the 200th anniversary of its foundation. The bookcase is equipped with an electronic, motion-sensor security system. Through the glasses, our readers and visitors can have a look at the wonderful, exquisite volumes. The remaining items of the collection are stored in the so-called ‘reserve’ repository.

National Széchényi Library, Floor 5