Címlap 2

The Amazing Journey of Books

Spoiled for Choice – chamber exhibition

Todoreszku’s collection – Exhibition

Wartime Weekdays

Spoiled for Choice – NSZL’s Collection of Posters and Small Prints is 80 years old

Chamber exhibition from the treasures of NSZL’s Collection of Posters and Small Prints: charter, product catalog, peace loan, admission cards (to a parliamentary session, execution), concert and exhibition tickets, insurance slip, guild charter, PhD theses, license, wine label, menu card, ex libris, machine gun score sheet, graphic poster, obituary, other death reports…

Documents of Mikes Program at the exhibition of the National Archives of Hungary

Under the title “Expanding History”, a temporary exhibition was launched by the National Archives of Hungary. The exhibition presents major document gifts of the past 15 years, including document collections having arrived, via Mikes Kelemen Program, from Hungarians living in diaspora.

The Hungarian October

As a result of the cooperation of NSZL and Kossuth Publishing House, a book with a DVD supplement edited by János Rainer M., Head of NSZL’s 1956 Institute was published. The publication focuses on the preliminaries, course and aftermath of what happened sixty years ago. It takes us to places where all those things had happened and gives a portrait of well-known and anonymous main characters, taking into account versions of revolutionary action.

October book sales

Between October 1 and October 22, 2016, publications of the 1956 Institute are offered at a 30-percent discount price in the bookshop of National Széchényi Library.

World War I on Maps: Wartime Weekdays

Second part of our thematic exhibition series, presenting maps of World War I, aims at presenting civilian and military materials published and used during the war, as well as novelties of the world disaster, such as defense technology development, mass involvement and the involvement of the hinterland in total war.

Móric Benyovszky was born 275 years ago – exhibition

A person with one of the most adventurous lives in the history of Hungary, one of the most famous Hungarian world travelers, sailor and soldier, the first European ruler of the Indian Ocean archipelago was born on September 20, 1741. The exhibition will be open between September 27 and December 15, 2016.

Gyula Todoreszku was born 150 years ago – Exhibition

The exhibition presents a selection from the treasures of Gyula Todoreszku’s library, which can rarely be seen, presenting at the same time their history, while selecting from documents related to the fate of the collection and from furnishings donated together with the library.

Restored decorative albums

National Széchényi Library, keeper of the written Hungarian cultural heritage, presented eleven newly restored decorative albums within the framework of a series of events entitled European Heritage Days.