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Two unique books returned to their worthy place on June 11, 2018. One of them is a work by Kelemen Mikes, that had been saved from fire during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, and which is now returned from the United States. The other one is a long forgotten publication, emerging after several decades and rightfully belonging to the Franciscans of Buda.
In cooperation with other libraries, the Hungarian national library is currently working on the renewal of its entire IT infrastructure and library system. NSZL makes an effort to get acquainted with the latest international trends and the already existing best practices. On June 25, 2018, Arkivum will present its software designed to serve long-term stock preservation.
We will wait for families with a play corner, stories and an adventure tour. Jazz concert of a brass band, exhibition tours, logic and skill-developing games, craft bookbinding. During the night, we will show a play entitled “Too Much of Women…”, featuring Kossuth Prize winner actress Teri Tordai and actress Lili Horváth. After that, Gábriel Farkas & HIS BAND will give a concert. Our program also includes a tour of the repositories, book auction and wine tasting.
This year too National Széchényi Library will take part in Festive Book Week. We will wait for our visitors with a book presentation and a discount offer selected from recently and formerly published books of NSZL Publishing House.
On Wednesday May 30, 2018, five scientific publications will be presented in honor of the Memorial Year celebrating the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation. We are looking forward to seeing you and your friends at the event!
As in previous years, this year, too a publication of NSZL’s Publishing House received an award at the Beautiful Hungarian Book Competition. Special Award of the President of Hungary went to the facsimile edition of Variations for a Nursery Rhyme by Ernő Dohnányi.
One of the key tasks of the national library is the coordination of issues related to library standardization, including the preparation of library standards, rules and recommendations. We are pleased to inform you about positive developments in this field.
On Wednesday May 23, 2018, our series entitled Orientalists in NSZL will be continued by Ágnes Birtalan’s lecture. Based on the source, the lecture will present the survival of Genghis tradition in the 19th century, the judgement of Buddhist and Shamanic religions, the identity consciousness and political prophecies of Mongolians living within the frames of the Manchurian Empire.
The Hungarian national library used to carry out its collecting, guarding and servicing activities in the same building as the Hungarian National Museum, so we are more than happy to take part in the joint festivities of the Summering of Museums every May. This year, we will wait for visitors and families with creative crafts games and bookmark making on May 13, 2018.
The Hungarian Comics Association and National Széchényi Library will open a joint exhibition on May 14, 2018, in order to present some major chapters in the history of Hungarian comics.
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