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As of Monday June 29, 2020, Judit Gerencsér is the new Deputy Director-General of National Széchényi Library.
As of Tuesday June 30, 2020, we are waiting for our visitors again in NSZL’s Book and Souvenir Shop with our publications, decorative albums, exhibition catalogs, art posters and a great variety of souvenirs.
In the afternoon of June 30, 2020, and in the morning of July 2 and 3, 2020, temporary closures are expected in the vicinity of Szent György Square. During these periods, we recommend you to approach NSZL from the direction of Dózsa György Square, using the Express Elevator located on Palota Street.
On Saturday June 20, 2020, the Cistercian Historic Library of National Széchényi Library opened its doors again to tourists. As of Tuesday June 23, readers can also visit the library again.
The new Organizational and Operational Rules (OOR) of NSZL have entered into force. At the same time, we publish the situation analysis and concept underpinning the new OOR, Dávid Rózsa’s application for the position of Director-General of National Széchényi Library.
As of Tuesday June 16, 2020, National Széchényi Library will open its doors to readers, in compliance with epidemiological rules due to the coronavirus situation.
Copy making and reference service via phone will be restarted, and we will be able to accept legal deposits as well.
Mikes Kelemen Program now in its seventh year and the growth of NSZL’s collections.
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Trianon, National Széchényi Library will commemorate the event with one hundred digitized publications throughout the year.
The new interface makes it easier for partners to make decisions, while the order process is transparent and smooth.
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