Temporary exhibitions

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2017/09/22 - 2017/09/26
PEN Club Hungary has organized an exhibition of Sándor Finta’s (1881–1958) works in National Széchényi Library. The exhibition focuses mainly on Finta’s Brazilian period but it also gives a glimpse of his activities in Hungary and during his later stay in the United States.
2017/08/22 - 2017/09/23
Treasures from the map collection of Count Ferenc Széchényi. Golden Age of the Netherlands (Flemish and Dutch maps, atlases)
2017/05/31 - 2017/10/07
360 movies, 160 posters – Jávor, Karády, Kabos and the others. First golden age of Hungarian film history at our poster exhibition
2017/05/23 - 2017/09/30
“Some legends related to Tompa will be denied, and we hope to create new legends about him.”
2017/04/28 - 2017/11/25
The exhibition entitled”Others get laurel only by leaves…” – Treasures, cult, impact history is based on unique treasures stored in the Manuscript Collection of NSZL, and on period first publications in journals, book editions. At the same time, it also focuses on issues such as the reception and cult of Arany. Central element of the exhibition is the manuscript collection of Toldi trilogy donated to NSZL by the poet’s descendants in 1899.
2016/10/24 - 2018/01/31
Chamber exhibition from the treasures of NSZL’s Collection of Posters and Small Prints: charter, product catalog, peace loan, admission cards (to a parliamentary session, execution), concert and exhibition tickets, insurance slip, guild charter, PhD theses, license, wine label, menu card, ex libris, machine gun score sheet, graphic poster, obituary, other death reports…