Hungarian October – new website

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National Széchényi Library launched a website entitled Magyar Október (Hungarian October) on the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution and Freedom Fight of 1956.

The aim of the site is to create a new virtual public collection which, according to our hopes, will develop and expand with the widest possible cooperation of private archives and the public collection community. We count on the cooperation of every collection keeping national heritage where documents of the Hungarian Revolution and Freedom Fight of 1956 can be found.
By browsing on the map of website, you can see the sites and events of the revolution come to life, and you can also listen to all of the programs broadcast by Radio Free Europe between October 22 and November 12, 1956.
As a result of cooperation between Google and NSZL, a lot of archival written, visual and audio materials of the Hungarian national library can be accessed by just one click within the Google Arts & Culture application, the virtual exhibitions of which give you samples from the rich audio and motion picture content of Magyar Október (Hungarian October) portal.