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The southern reading rooms are being renovated

On 25 July 2022, the renovation of the 7th floor Newspaper Reading Room, Historical Studies Reading Room and Literary Studies Reading Room will begin. Due to the refurbishment, the open shelves in the southern reading rooms will be temporarily unavailable.

Free cultural events on 20 August
On our Open Day, you can take part in guided tours and see the exhibition featuring the manuscripts of the Hymn, the Appeal, and the National Song, as well as our poster exhibitions promoting old Hungarian brands.
National Széchényi Library remains open during 2022 summer

The Library’s collections and exhibitions are accessible to readers and visitors in shortened opening hours from 18 July to 21 August 2022

Conference of European National Librarians – Annual General Meeting 2022

The last Annual General Meeting (2022 CENL-AGM) held in Ankara from 19 to 21 of June.

Hungarian Brands, Hungarian Posters. From Chocolate to Radio
The core of the exhibition in the Ars Librorum Exhibition Space of the library is formed by graphic posters related to six Hungarian brands: Stühmer, Dreher, Orion, Közért, IBUSZ, Corvin Department Store.
Multifaceted Slide Film – Eras and Techniques
The exhibition entitled Multifaceted of Slide Film - Eras and Techniques opens on 2 June at 17.00 in the Historical Photo and Video Collection on floor 7.
Self-service copy coming soon

Self-service scanners will be available from mid-June 2022.

LAND OF POEMS. Hymn, Appeal, National Song – our emblematic poems
The poems transcend themselves; they have acquired many meanings over their one and a half to two centuries of history. They have become the defining works of our collective memory and national identity, our national memory spaces.