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Zirc-based Cistercian Historic Library opened its doors again


On Saturday June 20, 2020, the Cistercian Historic Library of National Széchényi Library opened its doors again to tourists.
As of Tuesday June 23, readers can also visit the library again.

100 books on Trianon in the Hungarian Electronic Library


Bouquet of Hungary by Rezső Vértes (Miklós Zeidler, Hungarian Irredenta Cult between the Two World Wars, cover detail)


On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Trianon, National Széchényi Library will commemorate the event with one hundred digitized publications throughout the year.

The order interface of Mikes Kelemen Program has been renewed



The order interface of Mikes Kelemen Program, now in its seventh year, has been renewed.

Organized by the State Secretariat for National Policy, National Széchényi Library and the National Archives of Hungary, the program was launched on January 1, 2014, in line with the ideas worded in the Final Declaration of the 3rd Meeting of the Diaspora Council.

World War II was over 75 years ago - a documentary from NSZL



Under the title The War is Over, National Széchényi Library just published a documentary made by its Collection of Historical Interviews 15 years ago. Guided by expert historian Mária Ormos, the film presents what happened in Hungary in the spring of 1945, by pictures of period newsreels, excerpts from life interviews and via personal stories of witnesses.

Three recent NSZL publications


The offer of NSZL's successful book publishing program has been expanded with new high-quality and informative books. All three of our recent publications are based on the unique treasures of the Hungarian national library and/ or its rich history. The publications were based on the history of the Music Collection, on the representative collection of a unique private library and on the cultural historical significance of our corvinas.

Leaf through it! – a new series on our social media sites



National Széchényi Library will launch a new series on its Instagram and Facebook site, which enables users to have a look into the highly successful illustrated albums, published by NSZL independently or jointly with other publishers, and have a glimpse into valuable exhibition catalogs and curiosities.

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