Lymbus 2014

Lymbus 2014

Lymbus 2014
Source Publications in Hungarian Studies
Editor in Chief: Gábor Ujváry
NSZL– International Association for Hungarian Studies– Research Centre for the Humanities of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, 2014., 397 pages
ISSN 0865 0632

2 600,- Ft

A renewed and modified version of an earlier periodical of the same title, Lymbus, Source Publications in Hungarian Studies has been being published from 2003. Its main profile is the publication of documents of considerable historical value from 1526 to 1945 explored during the research of Hungarica. The interpretation of the sources published in their original language is facilitated by introductory studies and a great deal of explanatory notes.

The following Hungary-based leading workshops of Hungarology support the publication of the yearbook: Balassi Institute, Hungarian National Archives, International Association for Hungarian Studies, National Széchényi Library.


  • Rita Emőke Szilágyi: Milós Oláh’ Epitaph on the Death of István Brodarics
  • Tamás Kruppa: Notes on the Background of the Declaration of István Bocskay and the Oration at the Porta of János Rimay
  • József Jankovics: Another Version of the Murder of Gábor Báthory – Based upon a Narration of a Most Important Witness
  • András Péter Szabó: David Genersich’s Lőcse Chronicle (1643–1658)
  • Zoltán Igor Komjáti: “…I graciously appoint István Koháry of Csábrág as Chief Captain to Fülek…” The appointment of István Koháry as Chief Captain to the border fortress of Fülek
  • Béla Vilmos Mihalik: Tamás Antal Thuránszki, a Converse of Hungary at the Ospizio dei Convertendi in Rome 1674–1675
  • Péter Lőkös: „Die Stadt und Vestung / mit allen was darinnen ist / ohne List und Betrug zu übergeben”. A German-language Flyer on the Re-occupation of Eger in 1687
  • Kornél Nagy: Two Petitions in Armenian to the Holy See by Armenians in Transylvania, 1689
  • László Zsigmond Bujtás: Hungarian and Transylvanian Protegees of the Reformed Church in Leiden (1648-1698)
  • Tóth Ferenc: Lured by Literature and Diplomacy. The Letters of Charles Gravier, Count of Vergennes to Baron François de Tott , part 1.
  • Petra Mátyás-Rausch: The Situation of Gold and Silver Mining in Szatmár, according to Hans Feigel’s Chamber Report (1573)
  • Alexandra Antal: The Unknown Sources of the Patronage of Magyar Hírmondó in Vienna (The Letters of János Sámuel Berkeny to Count Ferenc Széchényi)
  • István Nagy-L.: Journals of the Baden Brigade on the 1809 Hungarian Campaign
  • Enikő Gurzó K.: “We have Found him in his Solitude Abroad”. The Unpublished Temesvár Manuscripts of Adolf Humborg and Jenő Szentklárai.
  • Péter Sas: The Description of the Buildings around Saint Michel Church in Kolozsvár in the Inventory of Movable and Non Movable Properties of the Catholic Church (Kolozsvár, 7 December 1864.)
  • Zsolt Vesztróczy: Historiography and Hungarian Image (The Historical Work of Matica Slovenská in the Investigation Minutes of 1875)
  • Zsuzsanna Rózsafalvi: A Letter of Kálmán Mikszáth to Mór János Révai
  • Boglárka Illyés: An Ambassador of New Hungarian Music to Paris. The Life and Selected Letters of Géza Vilmos Zágon
  • Artur Lakatos: The Cultural Needs of the Workers in Cluj in 1945 as Described by the Cell Meeting Minutes of the Communist Party
  • János Rácz: The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and the British Communist Party. Difficulties of a Resolution.

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