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The Digitisation Centre provides copies of written and photographic documents belonging to the General Collection and the Special Collections (Manuscript Collection, Early Printed Book Collection, Theatre History and Music Collection, and Map, Poster and Small Print Collection) of the NSZL, and you can submit your request for copies on our request form.


For more information, please contact or the staff of the Special Collections concerned:
•    Manuscript Collection
•    Early Printed Book Collection
•    Theatre History and Music Collection
•    Map, Poster and Small Print Collection 

For information on the digitisation of documents held in the Historical Photo and Video Collection and sound recordings in the Theatre History and Music Collection, please contact the following e-mail addresses:
•    Historical Photo and Video Collection:
•    Theatre History and Music Collection:
The amount of digitisation that can be submitted in one order is limited. The maximum number of pages requested for digitisation is 1,000 pages for General Collection documents and 500 pages for Special Collection documents.
The documents in our collections undergo a condition assessment before they are digitised, so the digitisation of the documents depends on the results.
Based on the request for quotation, we will send you an individual quotation by e-mail, including the estimated time of completion. After receiving written confirmation of the quotation, we will prepare your order.
If you order a copy of the document, you authorise the staff of the National Széchényi Library to make a copy of the parts of the document indicated for your use, in accordance with the Copyright Act, solely for scientific research or individual study and for your individual use.




  General Collection
Ft / page
(max.1.000 pages)
Special Collection
Ft / page
(max. 500 pages)
Standard package
100 150
Microfilm package
100 150
Research package
(300 DPI; PDF/JPG)
150 200
Publication package
250 350
High quality package
unavailable 700

 Optional extras (in addition to the price of digitisation)

  General Collection
Ft / page
(max.1.000 pages)
Special Collection
Ft / page
(max. 500 pages)
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for documents created with printing technology (not available with the standard package). Manual error correction is not available. 50 50

 Printing (in addition to the price of digitisation)

  General Collection
Ft / page
(max.1.000 pages)
Special Collection
Ft / page
(max. 500 pages)
A4 black & white 50 50
A4 colour 250 250
A3 black & white 250 250
A3 colour 500 500
A2 black & white 800 800
A2 colour 2.500 2.500
A1 black & white 3.000 3.000
A1 colour 4.000 4.000
A0 black & white 4.500 4.500
A0 colour 6.500 6.500

We charge a document distribution fee of 1000 HUF / 3 EUR for orders of less than 10 pages.

You can submit your request for digitisation using the form: REQUEST FOR QUOTATION
If the digitisation of the document you wish to order requires a preservation service, our prices may vary from those shown on the website.

Receiving the digitised material
Documents ordered in digital format can be paid for by bank transfer. In this case, we will send you an invoice by post and in scanned form, after which we will provide you with a secure FTP download link from which you can download your order.

If you have any questions about copyright protected documents, please contact the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office for a statement.

•    In person: Országos Széchényi Könyvtár, Buda Castle, building F, Floor 5, left after entrance, in the bookshop (map), from Tuesday to Saturday, between 10 am and 5 pm.
Payment can be made by cash or credit card.
•    Cash on delivery: Via a delivery service at a delivery charge of 1,500 HUF.
Your order will be handed over to GLS Courier on the day of delivery, who will deliver it the next working day to the address you provide, between 8 am and 7 pm, depending on traffic and the number of parcels.

Other copying services
•    Copying of documents acquired by Interlibrary Document Supply 
•    EOD E-books on Demand – Order an e-book for your personal use! Search for books and expressions in e-books which, on a special request, will be digitized with optical character recognition. This service covers old books only.
•    Certified copy – We also produce certified copies of documents in the NSZL's collection. You can submit your request at The minimum processing time is 48 hours. You can pick up the completed material in person at the library's bookshop by prior appointment. The customer must provide a revenue stamp, which costs HUF 100 per page, while the service is free of charge for institutions and persons who are exempt from tax.