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While making a digital copy

Dear Readers and Partners!
In order to minimize physical contact, microfilm copying, fast copy and self-service reprographic services will temporarily be suspended. Document copying queries will be fulfilled within 10 workdays in an electronic format or via mail. Paper-based queries have to be submitted at the staff working in the Microfilm Reading Room, or they can also be sent to the following e-mail address: Service fee can be paid either by transfer or by cash on delivery.

The fee for the services can be paid by cash on delivery or by bank transfer. The Birthday Package and MATARKA services are not yet available, however, they are scheduled to be resumed within the next two or three weeks. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

National Széchényi Library keeps documents of a great variety of types, age and legal categories and different regulations are valid for each document type.

Every type of copying requires a license. NSZL does not make a copy of music compositions, movies or multimedia materials.

Publication license

In case you wish to publish a copy of any document to be found in NSZL’s collections, you are supposed to pay a publication fee and to ask for a publication license from the Head of Department of the collection involved. In case of publishing documents, the publishing house is obliged to note in which collection of National Széchényi Library the original document can be found.

Making a copy of General Collection documents

Copying service and OPM administrator are located beside the Book Issue Station on Floor 7. Every type of copying requires a license and forms, needed to apply for a license, can be found at the OPM administrator. Opening hours of copying service are as follows: Tuesday to Saturday, between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. 

  • Out of books and journals belonging to the stock of NSZL’s General Collection, only those can be copied which were published not earlier than seventy years ago, and those, the condition of which allows it. In line with valid copyright law, no entire work can be copied.
  • Documents of certain condition, age and size can be copied only by protective methods. The work is done by the Reprographic Laboratory, which can also take on the production of large-size posters and microfilms.
  • On the entire territory of National Széchényi Library, it is strictly forbidden to make a copy of library documents by one’s own camera, or by any other equipment capable of making a photo or a digital copy. Any reader will be excluded from NSZL, with the withdrawal of his or her Reader Pass, if he or she goes against the above rules.

You can order a copy of documents belonging to the General Collection at this e-mail address:


Paper copy
Photocopy (Xerox)

A/4: done by user 20,

if ordered 25

A/3: done by user 25,

if ordered 30

About documents published more than 70 years ago (if the condition of the document allows it) A4: 50 A3: 70
Color photocopy A/4: 300 A/3: 400



Digitization of microfilms
Per recording 80
Reproduction of digitized microfilms
Printing on paper, per page A/4: 50 A/3: 70
Writing to CD, per disc 300
Writing to DVD, per disc 400
Writing to FLOPPY, per disc 200

* In each case, the fee of microfilm digitization is a total of two items: the fee of digitization and that of the chosen reproduction technology. Digitization is done by readers.

Making a copy of Special Collections documents

About printed documents, belonging to NSZL’s Manuscript Archive, Collection of Posters and Small Prints, Early Printed Books Archive, Theater History Collection, Map Collection or Music Collection, copies up to size A0 are made by the Reprographic Laboratory. You can ask for information on site, from NSZL staff on duty in the given Reading Room. Detailed price list (in Hungarian)
Further information about copying material from the Special Collections:

Other copying services

  • Copying of documents acquired by Interlibrary document supply.
  • EOD
    E-books On Demand. Order an e-book for your personal use! Search for books and expressions in extra e-books which, on a special request, will be digitized with optical character recognition. This service covers only old books.

  • Ordering copy of an article NSZL takes on making a paper or digital copy of studies that can be found in MATARKA database processing the tables of contents of some 1,100 journals. Ready material will be sent to you or you can pick it up personally at our Customer Service, next to the main entrance of National Széchényi Library.
  • Certified copy
    We are ready to provide you with a certified copy from documents belonging to the stock of NSZL. Such demand is forwarded by our Reader Service to NSZL’s Central Registrar and Archives to make the certification. Official deadline is at least 48 hours. Ready material can be picked up at a pre-arranged time, only by the person who has placed the order, in Room 511 of NSZL. (Office hours: Monday to Thursday, between 9.00 a.m. and 16.00 p.m., on Friday, between 9.00 a.m. and 12.00 a.m.) You have to bring the fee stamp yourself, the value of which is HUF 100 per page. Institutions and individuals, exempt from duties, do not have to pay for this service. More in Hungarian
  • Copy sending service of the Hungarian Digital Image Library