Audiovisual documents

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Audiovisual documents are relics of the 20th century, providing new possibilities and deserving special attention, which also differ markedly in their handling from written materials. The latter have several hundred years of tradition. Tools and techniques used for book or archival collections are suitable neither for storing nor for handling audiovisual documents.

The Collection of Historical Interviews, taking into account the demands of new data media, considers its main task to create video memoirs, life interviews and portrait films of historical importance. It maintains the MMMA's collection of film hungarica created for educational and research purposes and audio documents of the Hungarian Department of Radio Free Europe, as well as related written material. It continuously processes audiovisual legal deposits provided to National Széchényi Library so, similarly to the national library, it fulfills collection building and bibliographic documentation tasks. On behalf and with the support of the National Radio and Television Corporation (ORTT), the Collection digitizes and even partly processes broadcasts of the five Hungarian national television channels and keeps a copy of the recorded materials of the plenary sessions of the Hungarian Parliament.