Our poster exhibition will soon come to its end

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Our exhibition entitled Hungarian Sound Film Posters 1931–1944 has come to its finishing event. At the finissage of this highly successful exhibition, professional guided tours will be held, and a book entitled Ne kérdezd, ki voltam – Karády Katalin, a díva emlékére (Don’t Ask Me Who I Was – In Memory of Katalin Karády, the Diva) by theater historian Zsolt Péter will also be presented. Related to this, a roundtable discussion will be held in order to recall memorable moments of the beginnings of the Hungarian sound film. Who would not think about movies entitled Hyppolit, a lakáj (Hyppolit, the Butler), Meseautó (Dream Car), Dunaparti randevú (Rendezvous at the Danube Bank) with nostalgia? At the finishing event, actor Péter Barbinek will reproduce famous scenes from movies, while Katalin Karády’s best known songs will be performed by singer, actress Nikolett Gallusz.

Date of finissage: October 7, 2017, 4 p.m.
Venue: Ars Librorum exhibition space, Floor 6

The event in pictures