Chamber exhibition from Pongrác Kacsoh’s bequest

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2018/11/28 - 2019/03/13


Entitled “Let Him Be Great and Glorious Even among Giants”, an exhibition presenting Pongrácz Kacsoh’s (1873–1923) oeuvre will be opened in NSZL’s Music Collection, on the occasion of the 145th anniversary of the composer’s birth. The event will start at 3 p.m. on November 28, 2018. The exhibition featuring a cross-section of Kacsoh’s oeuvre will present a lot of documents unknown so far to the general public. Displayed will be, among others, his writings on mathematics and music. In the display cabinets presenting the musician, composer and music educational works of the highly popular composer of János vitéz (John the Valiant), some personal curiosity items will also be exhibited. One such example is the pen said to have been used by Pongrácz Kacsoh while composing Singspiel János vitéz (John the Valiant).

Opening address will be delivered by Éva Kelemen, curator of the exhibition.

Venue: Reading Room of and corridor adjacent to the Music Collection
The exhibition will be open until March 13, 2019, during the opening hours of NSZL’s Music Collection (Tue–Fri: 10–17, Sat: 10–14).

Visitors who are not registered users of NSZL can visit the temporary exhibitions for a flat fee of HUF 400.