Exhibition of sculptor Sándor Finta

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2017/09/22 - 2017/09/26

Sculptor Sándor Finta (1881–1958) spent most of his active years in America, and he settled in Brazil in 1920. It was during his years spent in South America that he got acquainted with Indian culture which provided a new theme for his art as a sculptor. After the Brazilian years he moved to the US, where he worked in New York, and later in Los Angeles. PEN Club Hungary has organized an exhibition of his works in National Széchényi Library. The exhibition focuses mainly on Finta’s Brazilian period but it also gives a glimpse of his activities in Hungary and during his later stay in the United States.

Venue of the exhibition: Floor 5 (Main Entrance level), Boardroom

The exhibition will be open between September 22 and 26, 2017, during the opening hours of the Library. Preliminary notification is required at csoportvezetes@oszk.hu.