Multifaceted Slide Film – Eras and Techniques

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2022/06/02 - 2022/08/20


The exhibition entitled Multifaceted of Slide Film - Eras and Techniques opens on 2 June at 17.00 in the Historical Photo and Video Collection on floor 7. The exhibition gives an overview of Hungarian fairy tale and educational slide film production, presenting the 100 most beautiful graphics of four decades. The images show the general stylistic features and types of the slide film era and the variety of techniques used. Visitors can watch and listen to digitised versions of fairy tales, listen to the soundtrack of a fairy tale film and a 1950s propaganda slide film, and try out the projector in the exhibition space.
The exhibition is open during the opening hours of the Special Collections until 20 August 2022. 


Visitors with a reader pass can visit the exhibition free of charge. The following ticket prices apply for visitors without a reader pass:

  • Full price: 1200 Ft
  • Discount price (students, seniors): 600 Ft
  • Family pass (4 persons): 3000 Ft
  • Family pass (3 persons): 2500 Ft 

Free admission for visitors under 16.

The opening event (gallery)