International list of word abbreviations, LSTWA


In view of the international nature of the ISSN network and the great number of languages represented in the records of the ISSN database, in 1974 the ISO (International Standards Organization) designated the ISDS International Centre as the maintenance agency of the ISO 4 standard (Information and documentation? Rules for the abbreviation of title words and titles of publications) and of the List of serial title word abbreviations.

The ISSN national centres determine the word abbreviations in the language of their country in compliance with the ISO 4 rules and report these to the ISSN International Centre for registration and publication in the international list of word abbreviations.

The rules for the Hungarian version of the international standard are set out in standard MSZ ISO 4:2000 of the Hungarian Standards Authority.

The international list contains around 52,000 words or abbreviations in around 50 languages. The List of serial title words abbreviations (LSTWA) is published on three different media:

  • a printed edition, published in cumulative form in 1991, and with annual supplements;
  • an annual cumulative edition on floppy disc;
  • a quarterly updated cumulative version on ISSN Compact.

Further information on the ISSN network's products can be obtained on the ISSN International Centre's homepage: