High-quality facsimile edition of the Buda Chronicle

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On the occasion of the 550th anniversary of the printing of Chronica Hungarorum, a top-quality facsimile of the work will be available from 27 May 2023, together with the Latin, Hungarian and English accompanying study, in numbered bibliophile and collector's editions.

Both in the preparation and in the choice of materials, we have endeavoured to recreate as closely as possible the experience of the original volume. Photographs were taken at a resolution for the pre-press so that no compromises were made in terms of the reproduction of realistic details. The texture and thickness of the paper used for the textblock is exactly the same as the original print. All 550 copies were produced in the same quality, but with two different covers.


The 350 bibliophile copies were machine-bound with gold embossing on the covers using the letters of Andreas Hess. This and the accompanying volume comes in a wooden slipcase.

The 200 collector's copies are hand-bound in wooden boards, the front and back covers are blind embossed using an engraving from a contemporary cover. The facsimile comes in a lacquered velvet-lined wooden box featuring a personalised copper plate, and with an accompanying volume and a bottle of six-puttonyos Tokaj aszú by Grand Tokaj Zrt.

In both cases, the covers were made from high quality recycled leather from the Wintan company.

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Price for the bibliophile edition: 40 000 Ft
Price for the collector's edition: 130 000 Ft

Please indicate the following when ordering:

  • collector's / bibliophile edition
  • individual serial number request
  • billing address
  • shipping method: personal pick-up in the NSZL / home delivery (in the latter case please indicate the delivery address)

For an additional 10 000 HUF serial number can be requested individually!

Available serial numbers of the collector's edition: 16–50., 81–199.

Available serial numbers of the bibliophile edition: 207–247., 341–536.

Please note that orders and serial numbers are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Books will be dispatched (in which case postage will be charged) or can be collected in person from the library.


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