Lectures by our colleagues at the LIBER 2023 conference

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The LIBER 2023 conference will take place from 5 to 7 July 2023, hosted by the Library and Information Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The conference will seek to reassess how research libraries establish values from the perspective of openness and trust. Speakers at this year's event will include Dr Gyula Kalcsó, Dr Kata Ágnes Szűcs, Emese Varga and Csilla Makkai from the Centre for Digital Humanities.


Dr. Gyula Kalcsó's presentation entitled Building and Processing Corpora from Archived Web Content will highlight the corpus of texts that can be built from thematic collections. He will illustrate the topic of his presentation with the example of the NSZL, as the library started its web archiving project in 2017 and has been providing content continuously since 2020. Such thematic web archive collections support research in the humanities and social sciences at a high level.


In their poster session entitled Data visualisation options for manuscript sources, Dr Kata Ágnes Szűcs, Emese Varga, and Csilla Makkai present the workflow that enables the novel use of data and metadata from manuscripts in public collections. The presenters aim to highlight the manuscript material in public collections as well as unique items in the collections of the NSZL. The manuscript corpora used so far are mostly writers' and intellectuals' correspondence, published in digital editions.