Tolkien Day at the National Library of Foreign Literature

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Tolkien Day is back this spring! This year, the long-standing event will include a special event: the opening of the Tolkien Collection at the National Library of Foreign Literature, where all Tolkien lovers are welcome.

Venue: National Library of Foreign Literature (1056 Budapest, 11 Molnár Street)
Date: 6 April 2024, Saturday 10.00–17.30
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In 2024, we will take a major step forward in the history of Tolkien studies in Hungary with the opening of a 100-volume Tolkien Collection in the National Library of Foreign Literature. This will be celebrated with the traditional Tolkien Day programme: a variety of lectures, workshops, board games, small activities and the traditional toast in honour of Tolkien. The Middle-earth Fair will also reopen.



9.45 Opening

10.00 Official unveiling of the Tolkien Collection

10.30–17.00 Presentations and workshops (in Hungarian)
10.30–17.00 Other programmes


In between the presentations, there will be many other activities. You can take home a souvenir with elf writing, there will be elf hair braiding, a quiz, and singing together.

In our games room you can relax by trying out Tolkien-inspired board games, and there will also be a chance to make handicrafts: bead weaving and bookmark making.

Our multi-station game features logic challenges where only the most skilful can reach the dwarves' treasure.

The projects and events of the Hungarian Tolkien Society (MTT) will also be presented. Visit our stands to find out about the Spring Meeting, the Tolkien Camp, the Tolkien Letter Writing Competition, the KószaKommando, and how our journal, Lassi Laurië, is produced.

You can also browse the products of the Middle-earth Fair all day long.

17.30 Greeting speech and toast

The announced programme is for information only, we reserve the right to make changes!


The event is free of charge, no registration is required. The capacity of the event halls is large but not unlimited, so please arrive early before the programme starts.

Middle-earth Fair

The pre-order page for the Middle-earth Fair is now open.
In addition to the popular products of previous years, this year's Middle-earth Fair will also feature a number of new products. T-shirts, sweatshirts and canvas bags will be available in three patterns, with the full range available until 23 March 2024, after which there will be a limited choice of sizes and colours. In addition to our books and publications, this year we will also have postcards, stickers, notebooks, badges and fridge magnets.
We also have new products: a White Tree patterned metal mug and a Ring Poem patterned badge.
In addition to MTT's own products, this year's fair will also feature Dodie's maps, Tuile's jewellery and textiles from the Páfrányos Műhely.
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