Volunteering in the development of digital cultural heritage

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On July 10, 2015, Civic Epistemologies will hold a one-day workshop for civil organizations and private individuals. Topic of the workshop will be volunteering in scientific/library work, volunteer help provided to cultural institutions. Several projects of the kind will be presented. You are very welcome at the event to be held in English. (We are sorry, but no interpreters will be available.)

About the initiative: In the past couple of years, more and more successful crowdsourcing cooperation initiatives between cultural institutions maintaining digital collections and the rest of the society have been commenced across the world. In the field of natural sciences, the so-called citizen science method has been introduced, which has been used, in several instances, in the field of the humanities, too.

Both crowdsourcing and citizen science involve a sort of volunteering, when civil participants perform minor or major tasks for the given collection (for example, private individuals took on to explore, to a certain degree, and label items of a raw digital image collection on an online surface). Volunteers collect and process data, and also help with the processing of and adding data to the already existing files and collections. They are also instrumental in crowdsourcing.

More about the topic

Further examples of crowdsourcing and citizen science initiatives

Venue: National Széchényi Library, Buda Castle, Building “F”
Date: July 10, 2015

Detailed program and registration