Theatrical families, theatrical dynasties – exhibition

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2018/06/23 - 2018/07/14

Profession often descended from father to son. In those days, it was an expectation, and so it is in many cases even today. However, this was not entirely true for the acting profession. In most of the cases, families were rather against letting their sons, and especially their much beloved daughters, to take up the acting profession. They were also very unappreciative if their children did not become disappointed after a while.

At a young age, Mór Jókai, Sándor Petőfi and even the inherently reticent János Arany took up acting, but they soon got disappointed. Sometimes families had to accept, or even be proud of the fact that one of their children had become an actor, instead of choosing an ordinary civic occupation. So József Szathmáry had become a well-known playwright and director under the name Ede Szigligeti, or we could mention the children of Calvinist pastor Pál Galambos who became known as Gábor Egressy and Béni Egressy.

But sometimes even actor-actress couples would not have liked their children to follow in their footsteps, knowing well the downsides of theater and actor life. At the same time, there have been several famous Hungarian acting families and acting dynasties, several members of which became well-known, and whose names still sound good today. The best-known of them, the Lendvay, Egressy, Vízváry, Márkus and Latabár acting families will be highlighted by presenting their history and family trees, with the help of period graphics and photographs.

Curator of the exhibiton:  Dr. Domokos Dániel Kis

Venue of the exhibition: National Széchényi Library, H-1014 Budapest, Wing ’F’ of Buda Royal Castle, Floor 6, Catalog space adjacent to the Theater History Collection and the Music Collection.

The exhibition will be open from June 23, 2018 until July 14, 2018, Tuesday to Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Visitors who do not own a Reader Pass to NSZL can visit our temporary chamber exhibitions for a flat fee of HUF 400.