New books published by NSZL

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Below you can read about books related to National Széchényi Library which were published at the end of 2015. Five of them can be purchased at NSZL’s bookstore, or they can be ordered directly from NSZL’s Office of New Publications at The book by Beatrix Visy is in stock at Írók Boltja (Writers’ Shop), Budapest.

Interpretációk interpretációja. Tudós bibliothecariusok, tudós elődök. (Interpretation of Interpretations. Scholar librarians, scholar predecessors.) Edited by Edina Zsupán, National Széchényi Library, Gondolat Publishing House, (Bibliotheca Scientiae & Artis 7.), 2015.

This volume includes studies written on the basis of lectures delivered at the Scientific Session, held in National Széchényi Library on November 24, 2014.

Magdolna Gilányi: A Margitsziget 19. századi képeken (Margaret Island on 19th-century Images),  Magyar Napló Publishing House. Publication of the book was supported by National Széchényi Library.

Looking at the archive images, you can get to know the past of this popular recreational park of Budapest.

Noémi Viskolcz: Nádasdy Ferenc (1623–1671) nyomdái (Printing workshops of Ferenc Nádasdy (1623-1671), National Széchényi Library, Research Center for the Humanities of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Literary Studies, MOKKA-R Association, (Booklets of Magyar Könyvszemle (Hungarian Book Review) and MOKKA-R Association 7.)

By presenting the printing workshops of Count Ferenc Nádasdy, this book provides additional information to the generally held view about 17th-century Baroque aristocratic court culture and patronage.

Mária Helle: A vásári cédulától az agrárszakkönyvekig. A magyaróvári Czéh-nyomda kiadványainak bibliográfiája 1836-tól 1909-ig (From fairground tags to agricultural reference books. Bibliography of publications printed by Czéh Press between 1836 and 1909), National Széchényi Library, Gondolat Publishing House, (Nemzeti Téka).

The book, significant from the point of view of the cultural and printing history as well as book culture of Moson County, is dealing with the history Czéh Press and it also provides a 1,218-item bibliography of its publications between 1836 and 1909.

Magyarok 1945-ben (Hungarians in 1945). Edited by János Rainer M.; National Széchényi Library, ’56-os Intézet Alapítvány (1956 Institute Foundation)

This book presents the year 1945 via the history of living through. It was examined what kind experiences various groups of the Hungarian society had seventy years ago, at the time of a historic turn of fate, and how people recollected them, in the light of what happened later.

Régi könyvek, új kalandok. 12 történet a könyvtárak mélyéről (Old books, new adventures. 12 stories from the depth of libraries) is the title of a new book written by Farkas Gábor Farkas, head of NSZL’s Collection of Early Printed Books. The author selected twelve stories from the curiosities he had come by during his research work in the library.

Szavakkal körbe. Válogatott tanulmányok, kritikák (Surrounded by Words. Selected studies and criticism).

This is a book written by our colleague, Beatrix Visy, and published in the MIT booklet series of the Hungarian Society of Literary History. The material of the book is provided by the association of two genres and two major topics. Studies of the first unit range from Berzsenyi up to contemporary poetry, but the main focus is on the interpretation of the poetry of the so-called Nyugat (West) generation, focusing on an individual poem, group of poems or volume. Writings of the second unit examine various cases of photographs and films being converted into prose. The book is available at Írók Boltja (Writers’ Shop).