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On the first day of the Scientific Session related to Széchényi Memorial Day (NSZL Foundation Day), Director of Research and Academic Affairs László Boka presented the new subsite. In his welcome speech, he greeted both Széchényi Memorial Day and the Scientific Session, and he thanked for the efforts of the Department of Scientific Secretariat (including an editorial staff) and the Department of Web Content Coordination.

For years now, National Széchényi Library has been present in the cultural life of Hungary as a book publisher as well. From now on, the 26 to 30 various publications published annually will be available or can be ordered at a common subsite within the official website of NSZL. Currently, the service includes monographs, essay volumes, decorative albums, journals and other publications published between 2011 and 2016, but soon books and other publications published earlier will also be included. The subsite will keep on presenting all of the latest publications published by National Széchényi Library.

A selection of NSZL publications