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Almanac of Budapest Journalists Association 1909

[Facsimile edition; accompanying studies written by László Boka and Zoltán Szénási; 

NSZL-Argumentum, Budapest, 2016]

Almanacs of Budapest Journalists Association are priceless data stores for today’s researchers on writer and journalist communities of the early 20th century as well as on their operation.

Editors of the Almanac of 1909 aimed at compiling a “file collection of ideas which, regarding their tendency and condition, are two kinds of reflections of the war movements of present-day social and literary ideologies”.

The chapter entitled Around Most Recent Literature includes pieces, among others, by Endre Ady, Ignotus, Aladár Schöpflin, Lajos Hatvany, Zsolt Beöthy, Ferenc Herczeg, Jenő Rákosi and Mihály Szabolcska, while the chapter entitled Around Internationality features Oszkár Jászi, Zsigmond Kunfi, Ervin Szabó, Albert Berzeviczy, Károly Huszár and Ottokár Prohászka. These two units form the main part of the Almanac of 1909 and make it of outstanding literary historical importance out of all the other almanacs (published between 1905 and 1917). This is why it was published as the first volume of a series, regardless of the order set by the date of publication.

 By re-editing the Almanac of Budapest Journalists Association 1909, National Széchényi Library and Argumentum Publishing House aim at promoting research into the social, press and literary history of the early 20the century. Publishers also hope that the “educated readership” will also be interested in this volume.

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