Short film about making a precious copy of the frontispiece of Trapezuntius corvina

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A short film, made for our exhibition entitled The Corvina Library and the Buda Workshop, about making a precious copy of a corvina page has recently been made available to the general public. The page is a precious copy of the frontispiece of codex under shelfmark Cod. Lat. 428, the so-called Trapezuntius corvina, kept in National Széchényi Library.

Only masters of the highest skills are capable of making a real precious copy - by hands and with the original materials. Our short film presents the work of István Molnár, book binder-gilding master of the Hungarian national library.

The film was made by two staff members of the Collection of Historical Interviews: cameraman Gergely Ballagó and editor-cutter Luca Hanák.

Data sheet of Trapezuntius corvina

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