Theater History Collection of NSZL praised by head of Béla Lugosi research team

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Actor and composer William Kaffenberger recently expressed his gratitude to the management of National Széchényi Library for the precious help provided to his team by the staff of NSZL’s Special Collections.

During the week of 20 through 23 June, 2017, his team of three, the Béla Lugosi research team from the United States conducted research on the Hungarian actor Béla Lugosi in the facilities of the Theater History Collection of NSZL. Mr. Kaffenberger’s thanks go to Head of the Theater History Collection Dr. Ildikó Sirató, to Edit Rajnai and the entire staff of the Theater History Collection for the excellent help they provided. Their knowledge of the available documentation and playbills and their ability to quickly and accurately provide the information the team needed were instrumental in making the research visit a success.