World War II was over 75 years ago - a documentary from NSZL

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Under the title The War is Over, National Széchényi Library just published a documentary made by its Collection of Historical Interviews 15 years ago. Guided by expert historian Mária Ormos, the film presents what happened in Hungary in the spring of 1945, by pictures of period newsreels, excerpts from life interviews and via personal stories of witnesses.

You can watch the documentary on our YouTube channel. (Language of the film is Hungarian.)

Featured in the documentary are literary historian Erzsébet Vezér, writer, journalist János Erdődy, ethnographer Zoltán Kallós, cultural politician Szilárd Újhelyi, writer, journalist Artúr Sibelka-Perleberg,  Colonel General Béla Király, diplomat Pál Fábry, writer, sociologist Imre Kovács, sociologist István Márkus, actress Hilda Gobbi, writer György Konrád, diplomat Kristóf Kállay, Ilona Bowden, widow of István Horthy, first lieutenant Antal Bolza and politician Zoltán Vas.