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For users in a wheelchair

National Széchényi Library can be approached by people in a wheelchair taking Bus 16 (Stop ’Palota út, gyorslift’) from Széll Kálmán Square. The bus stop has a built-in ramp by which visitors in a wheelchair can reach the Castle’s Express Elevator. If you arrive by car, we suggest you to apply for an entry permit from the staff at Budavár Kht. This permit will allow you to drive right up to the main entrance of NSZL opening from the so-called Lion Yard of Buda Castle.
Should you arrive by car but without a wheelchair, please, make an appointment with our colleagues on the phone (+ 361 487 8659), so that you could pre-order a free wheelchair for yourself.
Library building includes two barrier-free toilets: one on Floor 5 and another one on Floor 7. The whereabouts of the suggested ramp route, barrier-free lift and toilets can be seen on the maps of Floor 5 and Floor 7.

For readers with a hearing aid

An induction loop improving the efficiency of hearing aids operates at NSZL’s Registering Desk, at the Book Issue Station as well as at the Central Information Desk.

For blind and visually impaired users

NSZL’s main entrance can be approached from the Lion Yard of Buda Castle. Library building has several floors, includes large spaces and is highly reverberant. To move around in the Library you need to know that the main entrance is on Floor 5 and that readers can use Floors 5, 6 and 7.
General Collection Reading Rooms can be found on Level 7, while Special Collections Reading Rooms are located on levels 5 and 6.
Several elevators are operating in the Library building. Left to the main entrance, there is an elevator featuring an audio guide and braille captions. One can move between floors using the stairs, too.
On Floor 7, at the Multimedia Reading Room, you can use a computer equipped with a scanner and a speech programme.