Document preparation

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In line with Government Decree No. 104/2021. (III. 5.)  our services will be modified as of March 8, 2021 as follows.
The personally available public services are still suspended pursuant to Government Decree 484/2020 (XI. 10.). Our reading rooms will be closed and all our on-site events that require personal participation will be cancelled.
Detailed information


For National Széchényi Library’s registered readers, document preparation service is available either in person or by using online forms. In case of the Library’s Special Collections, document preparation can be initiated by a phone call as well.

Personal preparation

Documents can be prepared in person, for free.

  • Requests for the preparation of books from NSZL’s General Collection can be submitted at the Library’s Book Issue Station.
  • The preparation of all the other documents can be initiated in the given reading room (e.g. newspapers in the Periodicals Reading Room or manuscripts in the Manuscripts Reading Room).

Preparation of the documents of the General Collection
Online preparation can be initiated on the following Request Form.

Fee is charged for the online preparation of items from NSZL’s General Collection.

The preparation of books, journals and microfilms belonging to the General Collection can be initiated on an online request form and in the Library catalogue, clicking on the appropriate storage reference number. One reader can ask for the preparation of five books or journals, in case of newspapers, for five volumes and in case of microfilms, five reference numbers (five rolls per request). We kindly draw your attention to the fact that in case of your requests, we can accept only a storage reference number. No AMICUS identification number or ISBN number can be used for this purpose.

Requests for books coming in Tuesday to Friday until 3 p.m. are fulfilled within two hours. All requests coming after the hours noted will be served next day, until 11 a.m. When the document arrives, we send an e-mail to the e-mail address given by you. This e-mail contains the number of your prepared document as well as the amount to be paid.

The fee of this service is HUF 100 per volume (or per storage reference number, in case of microfilms), which sum can be paid at the Registration desk, following an e-mail feedback.

Please, read carefully the notice sent to you on the arrival of the document you asked for.

Prepared documents can be claimed between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. on the requested day at the Book Issue Station, in the Periodicals Reading Room and from NSZL staff working in the Microfilm Reading Room. The receipt verifying your payment must be shown to the staff member issuing the document.

Documents not claimed for are sent back to storage facilities next day.

Preparation of the documents of the Special Collections
Documents stored in NSZL’s Special Collections are prepared for our readers free of charge.

Preparation of manuscripts
The earliest time of preparation is the day following your request.

You can place you request by giving the appropriate storage reference number, in person, online or via phone.

Our phone numbers are the following:

+ 361 224 3775, + 361 224 3700/ Ext. 323 or 163
Pre-orders can be made for: codices (2 items); manuscripts in volumes (3 items); letter archives, fond units and analecta (5 palliums).

For one day, you can order a total of 5 manuscripts from various storage reference number ranges.  

Preparation of small prints and graphic documents
The Collection of Posters and Small Prints serves its readers by using the pre-order preparation system. Readers are provided with the requested material at a time and date appointed together with NSZL’s reader service staff. The earliest time of issue is one day following submitting request. Our service is available until 2 p.m. on Friday. After 2 p.m. on Friday and on Saturdays, requests are fulfilled next Tuesday. Research material can be requested in person, via phone (+361 487 8623) or online.

Preparation of early prints
Request will be fulfilled only on the next working day following order and requests submitted on Friday will be issued next Tuesday. New materials can also be asked for in person, online or via phone (+361 224 3776, + 361 224 3700/ Ext. 163 or 488), by giving the appropriate storage reference number.

Preparation of theater history documents
Materials belonging to the Theater History Collection can be pre-ordered for use in person, via phone (+361 224 3781) or online.

Researchers can pre-order small prints (4 boxes or 20 items); scenic documents (20 items); manuscripts (1 box, 5 palliums or 5 items).

Preparation of maps
Materials belonging to the Map Collection can be provided for our readers on prior request (in person, via phone/fax or online), on the day following the request.

Preparation of audiovisual documents
Materials belonging to NSZL’s Collection of Historical Interviews can be viewed in the Multimedia Reading Room, only on previous request, from Tuesday to Saturday, between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. Request submitted until 3 p.m. are served on the same day, while those arriving after 3 p.m. can be used only on the next working day. Pre-order can be initiated personally, in the Multimedia Reading Room, via phone (+361 224 3710) or on an Online Request Form.

Preparation of music compositions
If our researchers wish to study a large bulk of documents, related manuscript collections (e.g. orchestral voice materials) or complete heritage materials, these items will be prepared for them in the reading room, provided they place a prior request in person, via phone (+361 22 3778) or online.