“404 Not Found – Who will preserve the Internet?” video conference and workshop – 2020

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On December 2, 2020, National Széchényi Library (NSZL) will host a professional day on web archiving for the fourth time. Due to the pandemic situation, the professional day can be followed by those interested on the Internet through the Teams application.

The main topic of this year's conference is the possibility of division of labor between institutions, a good example of which was provided by the tender announced in 2019 within the framework of the Public Collection Digitization Strategy (KDS) that ended this spring. As part of this, the NSZL Web Archive collaborated with eleven county-level city libraries in collecting the addresses of important websites in their regions. It is planned that in the future this common work will cover other sub-tasks (for example, quality control, provision of metadata), and additional public collections might also be involved. It is also a major goal to disseminate knowledge related to the preservation of the web in educational and scientific institutions, as the variability and density of the Internet resources referenced in the curriculum and in special literature tend to cause more and more problems.

In addition to the above, those interested in the topic can get a glimpse of the development of NSZL Web Archive in 2020, results achieved and technical difficulties encountered, as well as of the evolving organizational, infrastructural and legal framework. During the afternoon workshop, they will learn about software that can be used to create smaller local web archives.

Program of the event

10.00 Welcome speech – Dávid Rózsa, Director-General of National Széchényi Library

10.10 Opening speech – Dr. Csaba Latorcai, Minister of State for Administrative Affairs, Ministry of Human Capacities

10.20 Establishing the legal background for web archiving – Péter Szóllás, Head of Department, Ministry of Human Capacities

10.40 Novelties of the NSZL Web Archive – László Drótos, task manager, National Széchényi Library

11.10 What is KDS? – or briefly on Public Collection Digitization Strategy – Árpád Maczelka, project coordinator, National Széchényi Library

11.30–11.40 Break

11.40 Cooperation opportunities through the example of KDS-K – Ákos László Visky, web curator, National Széchényi Library

12.00 Connection points – web archiving and local knowledge through the example of Bródy Sándor Library – Orsolya Szécsényi, local knowledge librarian, Bródy Sándor County and City Library

12.20 Discussion about cooperation opportunities

12.50–13.30 Lunch break

13.30 Workshop: software that can be used for individual backups in smaller local collections – László Drótos

Free registration on the website of NSZL

Stuff related to previous “404 Not Found” events can be found on the NSZL Web Archive website.

Contact e-mail address: mia@mek.oszk.hu 

Poster of the conference