Presentation of the FOLIO platform

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Dear Librarian Colleagues, you are cordially invited to NSZL’s FOLIO Day. Let us imagine the future of libraries together!

In 2017, we will continue our series of presentations of integrated library systems. Back in fall 2015, we decided to present all the available major systems, but in the meantime, EBSCO developed the so-called FOLIO – The Future of Libraries is Open – open source integrated library platform. This platform will be presented in the Ceremonial Hall of National Széchényi Library on January 17, 2017.

Among others, lectures will be held by

  • Mark Denham, Head of Library Information Systems, University of Glasgow
  • Jakub Skoczen, Architect and Developer, Index Data
  • Christopher Spalding, VP, Open Source Platforms & Communities, EBSCO Information Services


8:30 Registration

09:30 Welcome, introduction to the FOLIO day

09:45 FOLIO, EBSCO, Community and Innovation – Christopher Spalding

10:30 FOLIO and the University of Glasgow – Mark Denham

11:30 FOLIO Roadmap, Development and Architecture – Jakub Skoczen

12:30 Lunch break

13:30 FOLIO – Metadata, Schemas and Storage – Marc Johnson

14:30 Breakout into groups for discussion on FOLIO topics: World Cafe concept with these topics given in short bursts of time for quick thought generation :

  • Key problem spaces
  • What does the future look like
  • Key questions about adoption
  • Risks with open source
  • Benefits with open source

15:30 Report out from World Cafe sessions

Forum, Q&A

16:30 Closing remarks - Christpher Spalding

End of presentation

We are looking forward to seeing you at our event!

Date: January 17, 2017 (between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.)
Venue: Ceremonial Hall of National Széchényi Library,  Wing ‘F’ of Buda Royal Palace

4–5–6 Szent György Square, H-1014 Budapest
For more information call +36 1 224 37 57.
Language of the presentation is English, no interpreters will be provided. Admission to the presentation is free, but preliminary registration on the internet is required if you want to attend the event.

You will find further information about the platform on the FOLIO website.

A brief overview of the platform


National Széchényi Library regards it of utmost importance to make available its collected cultural heritage to the widest possible audience, with the help of the latest, state-of-the-art devices and tools. Aiming at renewing its integrated library system, National Széchényi Library is considering the launch of an advanced system, capable of embracing and integrating systems of other libraries on various levels, and also capable of setting up a joint catalogue. In addition to updating and continuously developing its digital services in the next two years, NSZL is determined to find ways of cooperation with other libraries, in order to exchange and integrate the data of various collections and to set up a jointly defined common platform. Early December, 2016, representatives of several major libraries signed a Memorandum of Understanding in National Széchényi Library, according to which a work team will be set up, in order to facilitate upgrade to a common, new-generation, cloud-based library platform, and to guarantee that solutions meet the requirements the new system will have to face. Cooperation is open for libraries that are willing to embrace the common aim and are ready to join the work team.

As a further major step in thinking together with other libraries, we invited the community (organizers and technical experts) of FOLIO, a library service platform based on cooperation between libraries. We would like to offer libraries first-hand information about the latest developments, so that they could join ongoing processes.

Let us imagine a community working together on new technologies that meet the special functional requirements of all the state-of-the-art libraries and, at the same time, leave space for these libraries for further growth and development.

During the one-day event, we will have a discussion about the FOLIO project, on the possible cooperation of communities, in order to develop an open source platform which is capable of serving the traditional library management functions, and which also supports innovation.

Let us librarians meet, and let us discuss the future of library technology together!

Miklós Lendvay, Director of E-services