140 Years – Dream on stage. Imre Madách: The Tragedy of Man  

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2023/06/24 - 2023/12/22


Our exhibition presents some particularly interesting documents from the theatre history collection of the Theatre History and Music Collection and from the Historical Photo and Video Collection to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Imre Madách and the 140th anniversary of the theatre premiere of The Tragedy of Man.


The temporary exhibition will be open until 22 December 2023.

Opening hours:
Tuesday–Saturday: 10.00–18.00
Cash desk closing time and last entry:
Tuesday–Thursday: 17.00
Friday–Saturday: 18.00

Location: research room of the Historical Photo and Video Collection (floor 7)


Starting from the beginning of the history of the Tragedy on stage (21 September 1883), we list the most exciting set and costume designs of the first half of the 20th century, as well as photographs of the theatre performances (1926, 1934, 1939).


Visitors can marvel at the colourful and contemporary visual world with which the directors and designers have brought Madách's great philosophical text to life. Although Madách himself did not intend his drama to be performed on stage, and it would not have been possible under the performance conditions of Romanticism, the theatrical illusionist movement that emerged in the late 1870s, as well as the techniques of stage lighting and architectural set design, made it possible to stage The Tragedy of Man, among other things.


Visitors are invited to reflect, discover and reminisce together, with some fascinating moments from the life of our author and the history of the stage of his world-famous work, translated into more than forty languages. Our exhibition introduces the audience to the theatrical history of The Tragedy of Man through a variety of technical solutions.
The exhibition will take place in the research room of the Historical Photo and Video Collection, where you can take a look into the life of Imre Madách and browse through the movie adaptations of The Tragedy of Man.


On 21 September 2023, the 140th anniversary of the premiere, we will be inviting you to join us for more events.