Bibliothecaria Emerita

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On April 29, 2016, Mrs. Endre Ferenczy, née Lídia Wendelin, retired staff member of our Library was granted the so-called Bibliothecaria Emerita by Director-General of NSZL László Tüske, for a lifetime of sacrificing work in National Széchényi Library.

Excerpt from the laudation given at the awards ceremony by Ágnes Rácz, NSZL’s Director of Collection Development:  

“Mrs. Endre Ferenczy, née Lídia Wendelin was born in Sátoraljaújhely in 1933. She was majoring in library science and Chinese language at the Arts Faculty of Eötvös Loránd University, from where she graduated in 1955. She spent her year of apprenticeship in National Széchényi Library. She acquired her librarian diploma in July 1956, after passing her state examination with excellent results. Following that, she was tenured in NSZL. From July 1, 1955 until her retirement on March 31, 1995, that is, for 40 years she worked for the Hungarian national library in various positions.

She began her career at the Department of Bibliography. When this department was reorganized in 1958, she was transferred to the Reader Service and Information Department, and in 1962 she was moved to the inland group of the Department of Acquisition, where she was appointed head of group in 1965.

As of September 1973, she became acting head of General Department No.1 responsible for acquisition, processing and storage. She became appointed head of the same general department in January 1974. At the same time, for a while she also directed General Department No. 2 including the special collections as well as historic libraries. In 1982, following library reorganization, she was appointed head of General Department No. 1 of Acquisition. From 1988 on, as Director of Acquisition, she was acting as counselor to the Director-General, who also assigned her the role of coordinating the activities of the Department of Acquisition, the Cataloguing Department and the Classifying Department.

As a lecturer on subjects such as library science and the history of books, she took part in the intermediate-level training of librarians at OSZK KMK (NSZL Library Science and Methodology Center). In 1990, she became associate professor, on a part-time basis, at the Department of Library Science of Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest.

During her work in the field of library science, Mrs. Endre Ferenczy, née Lídia Wendelin made research in bibliography and the history of libraries and library science. Results were published mainly as independent items, or in the yearbooks of NSZL and in the journal Magyar Könyvszemle (Hungarian Book Review). Studying the history of National Széchényi Library, she made research in the history of library stock and reader service.”

Full text of the laudation (in Hungarian)