Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, we protest against the cancel of culture!

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The National Széchényi Library (NSZL) has been Hungary’s national library, the guardian and distributor of written cultural heritage since 1802. Our online content services are an indispensable resource for anyone who wants to access this heritage. Our webpage and other sites have the necessary security clearances in line with this privileged role.

On the night of 3 September 2023, the Facebook social network site started to delete all links to websites and content services under the oszk [dot] hu domain from the posts and comments of our institution and thousands of users, without prior warning, opportunity to be prepared for this action and with no detailed explanation, citing cyber security reasons. Since then, it has also been forbidden to write down the string “oszk [dot] hu”. Users who try to refer to the NSZL are threatened with being deleted.

We protest against the censorship of the messages of our institution, which is responsible for the preservation of our written national culture, and the threatening of our readers and followers; we demand the immediate removal of the blacklisting of the NSZL, the suspension of deletions and the restoration of the mutilated posts!