Poem recitation competition in the NSZL

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On the occasion of the International Greek Language Day, the Manolis Glezos Greek School in Budapest organised a poet recitation competition on 10 February 2023 at the NSZL.

After a welcome speech by Director General Dávid Rózsa, Emmanouil Aposztolakis, Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to Hungary, and Hristoðoulou Konstantinos, President of the National Self-Government of the Greek Minority in Hungary delivered their opening speeches.

This was followed by a fun competition with more than 50 students and an audience of nearly 100 visitors. Thanks to the efforts of the school's preparatory teachers and the diligence of the students, many high-quality performances could be heard. The school's management gave the pupils from the countryside who could not attend in person the opportunity to present their recitations via video.

The members of the jury were Dr. Dóra Solti and Konstantinos Nakos from the ELTE Department of Greek Studies, who evaluated the performances in six categories, according to age groups.

The MTVA’s Nationality and Foreign Editorial Office also attended the programme, thanks to which the footage will be shown on Duna TV’s nationality magazine Rondó on 24 February.

The event in pictures