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National Széchényi Library asks for Your support. We kindly ask You to consider supporting us with 1 percent of your personal income tax, so that Hungary’s national library could serve its readers and visitors with an ever growing document collection and high-level services and exhibitions.

Donations can be made for the benefit of Corvina Foundation (Headquarters: Budapest; IRS No.: 19020350-2-41)
Thank You for Your support!

Corvina Foundation (Budapest)

The Foundation was established in 1990, with the aim of financially supporting library programs in National Széchényi Library.

Board of Trustees of Corvina Foundation (Budapest) is responsible for operating financial resources of the Foundation in the most effective way possible. Consequently, the Board is expected to do its best to increase financial resources of Corvina Foundation (Budapest) according to valid rules and regulations as well as in line with legitimate economic opportunities.

Bank Account No. of Corvina Foundation (Budapest) is the following:
K & H Bank Zrt. 10200823-22215673-00000000

Your kind donations are expected to be transferred to the above bank account number.
IRS No.: 19020350-2-41