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1% of your tax – 100% Corvina! 

1% of your income tax will help us digitally reunite the Corvina library.  
The world-famous collection of King Matthias, the Corvina Library is one of the most important elements of our national heritage and an integral part of our identity. It is our duty to preserve it for generations to come.

The aim of the NSZL is to bring together the 220 remaining corvinas in online. However, most of them are kept abroad and digital copies are often only available through purchase.


Let's continue writing the story of the Corvina library together!  

NSZL Tax Identification Number: 15309123-2-41


The easiest way to claim 1+1% of your incom tax is to use the NAV's (National Tax and Customs Administration) online application.

For those who pay tax on paper, the declaration can also be found on the NAV website.

The document stating the 1+1% of the income tax can be submitted to the tax office by post or in person, either as part of the tax return or as a separate entry on the form 22EGYSZA until 22 May.