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National Széchényi Library is the keeping site of Hungary-related written heritage. In addition to its basic tasks such as description, processing, keeping and servicing library documents, NSZL also carries out a series of highly diverse and precious research work. Several of National Széchényi Library’s staff members are academic and university doctors and some 10 percent of Library staff without any academic rank also carries out research work on a regular basis.

As a scientific library, NSZL is a source collection serving as a starting point of research in Hungary-related human sciences. The basis of its in-house research and of various research projects is the unique collection of Hungary’s national library as well as the ever expanding retrospective national bibliography. The direction of research carried out in National Széchényi Library and also the topics of publications built on this research are determined primarily by the Library collections themselves:

  • Research in history of book, press and that of printing houses. Research in literature and history sciences as well as research in general education science;
  • Special research based on the special collections of NSZL’s Special Collections Archives;
  • Research in Library Science.

The complex and sophisticated scientific work carried out in NSZL meets Hungarian and international scientific requirements on a high level, both from the point of view of professional competence and of representative value. According to all-time science strategy, our Library’s research fellows aim at forming a scientific image of National Széchényi Library focusing not just on its past ethos.

Our Library is the “memory of our nation”, as it has often been quoted, but this cannot mean just a passive memory. It should and will become an active depositary of the Hungarian nation’s memory and cultural heritage.

Qualified researchers are members of NSZL’s Scientific Committee  which acts as an advisory board to Director-General in all matters related to science or scientific research. Scientific Committee decides about research projects that last for one year or for a longer time. It is also responsible for adjusting current research projects to the existing Library strategy.

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