Southland Hungarian Golgota 1944-45 – exhibition

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2018/03/06 - 2018/04/07


The traveling exhibition set up in honor of the victims of the genocide of Southland Hungarians in 1944-45 will be open to visitors from March 6, 2018 until April 7, 2018 in the Ars Librorum exhibition space, on Floor 6 of National Széchényi Library.
Traveling exhibition of Keskenyúton Délvidéki Tragédiánk 1944-45 Alapítvány (On Narrow Road Our Southland Tragedy 1944-45 Foundation) was set up in honor of the 70th anniversary of the genocide of Southland Hungarians in 1944-45.
The exhibition presents the history of the genocide of Southland Hungarians in twenty one tableaus. The highly spectacular and readable text material, summed up in short and informative sentences, is completed with a rich array of images. The tragic events, which happened on the turn of 1944-45, are presented with the help of historical facts highlighted and inserted into reminiscences, serving as a frame for the exhibition.
The tableau entitled “Cold Days” presents the history and the real circumstances of the tragic gendarme raid in Novi Sad that took place in 1942 under war conditions. Organizers of the exhibition wanted to commemorate victims of the raid that took place under war conditions, and also to present the real circumstances of military abuse. The tableau entitled “Silenced Raid” commemorates several hundreds of victims of the retaliation in Novi Sad in 1944, and martyrs of conceptual lawsuits launched there.
A special tableau is devoted to the fate of German victims and the tragedy of ecclesiastical people. The fate of crowds forced into concentration camps and child victims who were killed there are illustrated by shocking pictures. The exhibition also presents the Calvary of hundreds of thousands of people who had lost their homes and become outcasts due to the Southland events of 1944-45. The hard lives of widows and orphans are also presented.
Creators of the exhibition featuring a unified graphic design used tableau titles that refer to the essential incidents of the Southland events of 1944-45. Historical facts and statements, highlighted by red color and worded in concise sentences, guide visitors professionally, if they are ready to face the victims and genocide executed with shocking cruelty.
Creator of the exhibition, commemorating tens of thousands of deadly victims, who have been buried in unmarked mass graves as war criminals until today, orphans and widows, survivors having become homeless and outcast, was historian Dr. Barbara Bank, member of the Committee of National Remembrance. Editing and graphic design were made by Magdolna Cseresnyés-Kiss and Zoltán Papp. The exhibition, set up with the support of the Bethlen Fund, can be visited free of charge.

Venue: National Széchényi Library, Wing ‘F’ of Buda Royal Palace, H-1014 Budapest, Ars Librorum exhibition space on Floor 6
Date: from March 6, 2018 until April 7, 2018, during the opening hours of NSZL: Tue-Sat from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m.