Acting Communities Program is one year old

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The project, developing the cultural sector on a national level, is being realized within the framework of a consortium agreement signed by Hungarian Open Air Museum, the Hungarian Cultural Institute Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd. and National Széchényi Library, with a 3 billion forint EU support.

Primary aim of the project is to enhance, by way of community development tools and the latest methods, the openness of cultural institutions, social activity and participation, community involvement, and to contribute to the strengthening of equal opportunities both on the level of institutions and settlements.

Over the past year, results have been achieved in a number of project fields. Among others, methodological guides were prepared, curricula have been developed, training courses, professional days and workshops were held, a nationwide network of mentors was set up, professional journals were published, and a tradition-forming program series entitled Közösségek Hete (Community Week) was organized.

Read about work performed and results achieved so far, and current development efforts on the official site of the project. You can also find detailed information about the project in a document that can be downloaded from the Hungarian-language website.