“Hungary can be proud of its national library” – Interview with Director-General Dávid Rózsa

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Source of photo: origo.hu, Csaba Talán

Source of photo: origo.hu, Csaba Talán

‘The document treasures of the Hungarian national library are unique and so are its professionals. This could be clearly seen at the time of the pandemic situation and shutdown in the spring, when everyone worked with multiplied energy, in order to present the values of the institution at their best. Hungary can be proud of its national library and of the nation’s librarians. We aim at giving even more to the country, to the nation, and plan to show even more of the treasures that we keep here,’ said Dávid Rózsa, Director-General of National Széchényi Library said in an interview given to Origo portal.

The Director-General emphasized that the great strength of NSZL lies in its priceless collection, as the Library has been the keeper of the written cultural heritage of Hungary for centuries. The other main asset of National Széchényi Library is its staff. Excellent professionals, highly dedicated staff, holding the national library and the national cultural heritage in high esteem, have been working here

In the interview Dávid Rózsa discussed, among others, the tasks of a national library today, what kind of changes took place in NSZL, and that, in connection with the ongoing transition to the Labor Code, 80 percent of NSZL’s employees have been offered an average 15 percent rise from the institution’s own resources. He also pointed out that this could be done without anyone being fired.