Memory of 1989 – Appeal

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My Dime Memories – in April 2019, we are organizing a crowdsourced exhibition in Budapest to reflect upon stories from 1989 and how its changes impacted on everyday life, and we need your input. As part of a European project, we are going to launch an exhibition presenting memories of the years of the change in political regime in Hungary.
We invite you to share with us any memorabilia, including family and other photographs, personal items and objects, recalling the period of the regime change. Come to share the stories from your family and add your bit of family heritage to the bigger picture of European history.

We hope that the “dime memories” sent to us will be able to show a world gone by, the phenomena of the transition, as well as the development of a new world. Just to show you some examples of the topics raised, from which university students will make a photo gallery: vanished and transformed movie theaters, big stores, cultural centers, the transformation of Váci Street, main squares in the countryside, ruins of barracks, hotels on the beach of Balaton, ruins of the party resort in Balatonaliga.

A special theme is that of children’s world: games, pioneer life, class photos, red stars, statues, monuments – and what’s left of them. Objects: toys, accessories of the pioneer uniform, red and blue passports, pink currency block, membership card of the Hungarian Young Communist League (KISZ), samizdat publications – the list can and must be expanded.

The exhibition will be opened on April 26, 2019 in the corridor adjacent to the Manuscript Collection.

Please, forward the offered items until April 5, 2019 to the following address:

Réka Sárközy – Room 424/A, National Széchényi Library, Wing “F” of Buda Royal Palace.

Thanks for all items offered! 

The objects, memorabilia, etc. will be given back to the owners after the exhibition is closed, or they can be offered for inclusion in the stock of the Hungarian National Museum.